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National Dressage Series

There is a national series for every rider to participate in including open and restricted categories including Pony & Young Riders, Amateurs, and Masters.

Kiwi Arena Rake Premier League

The Kiwi Arena Rake Premier League is held across NZ by 20 area Dressage groups comprising regional events, and includes the Bates National Dressage Championships, riders qualify for this show at both Open and Amateur levels via the Premier League events. The events host Super 5 League and Zilco Musical Freestyle classes, where riders accrue points for these leaderboards. They can also gain points in the Prestige Equestrian dressage Futures prize, the Dressage Top 10 Leagues and the AMS Pony & Young Rider Performance League. They often include Championships for Amateur, Pony, Young Horse, Young Riders and Masters competitors.

 Super 5 Dressage League

 The 2020-21 Super 5 League comprises a points series in each island at all graded Levels Preliminary to Grand Prix (top 5 points only to count) plus an island final at both the South Island Festival of Dressage and the Waikato Kiwi Arena Rakes Premier League (North Island Championships).  National Super 5 rankings will be determined from % in each level at both these events.
Tests used for Super 5 League at Premier League Events: Levels Preliminary to Advanced  – B Tests, Small Tour – FEI Intermediate I v 2020, Medium Tour FEI Intermediate B v 2020, Grand Prix – FEI Grand Prix  2020. 
Points table managed directly by Dressage NZ.

Zilco Musical Freestyle Series

The crowd pleasing Zilco Musical Freestyle Series will be a feature again this season. The series for 2020/21 will use the 2019 tests Novice to Advanced at Kiwi Arena Rakes Premier League events and Horse of the Year Show. The FEI Intermediate I Freestyle will be used for Small Tour and the FEI Intermediate A/B Freestyle for Medium Tour. The requirements for the freestyle tests will align with the movements in the new tests.  Movements NOT permitted and shown DELIBERATELY will incur a 5 point deduction from each judge from the total for technical execution.  The choreography mark may be no higher than 5.5

FEI Intermediate I Freestyle

FEI Intermediate A/B Freestyle

The competition comprises two Island Series contested at Premier League Events (Top 5 scores to count). The North Island Series completes at the Horse of the Year Show and the South Island Series completes at the South Island Festival of Dressage. The series includes Levels Novice to Grand Prix. Points table managed directly by Dressage NZ

National Amateur Championships @ the Bates Nationals

Amateur Championship at levels Preliminary to Advanced Medium will be run alongside the Bates Open Championships at the Bates National Dressage Championships as separate classes. Eligibility is based around rider categories. Qualification for the Championships will be at Regional Events with the same qualification for both championships. The term “Amateur” is connected to rider category status and bears no reference to the term amateur vs professional in terms of earning income in the sport. Amateur Championships Sponsors for 202o are Dunstan HorseFeeds, Marsh’s Equine & Livestock, Livamol, Fiber Fresh and Elite Frozen Foals NZ.

Elite Equine Young Dressage Horse Championships

The purpose of the competitions are to select the best young horse which is progressing on the correct way of training, with the potential to capably perform at International Dressage level. The Elite Equine National Young Horse Dressage Championship & Age Group Championships will be held at the Bates National Championships at NEC Taupo. Elite Equine are also naming rights sponsors of the Young Horse Festival.

Prestige Equestrian Futures Prize

The Prestige Equestrian Futures Prize will be awarded to the best performed
combination competing at Premier League Events from
September 2020 – February 2021 and meeting the following eligibility conditions.
4 -10 year old horses competing at Levels Preliminary to Small Tour with riders who have no grading points in
Medium Tour or above on any horse. The prize is a fabulous Prestige Saddle. (Riders may only win the saddle prize once)
View full conditions and enter on prior to 1 December 2020
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AMS Saddlery Pony & Young Rider Performance League

AMS Saddlery Pony & Young Rider Performance League aims to increase participation at a Pony & Young Rider level and to establish a culture where these riders compete against their peers of a similar age and experience.  Scores will be taken from all tests at Kiwi Arena Rakes Premier League events in every level.  Competitors must be 20 years or under at 1 August 2020 to participate.  View full conditions and enter on prior to 1 December 2020
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Quin Buildings Direct Masters Top Ten League

 This competition is designed to promote dressage competition and participation for Masters Riders. The series provides an opportunity for riders to compete against peers at five different levels at all levels of events and competition regardless whether riders compete locally, regionally or nationally. The competition will be open to riders 50 years & over as at 1 January 2020 and is run in five main divisions plus special awards from 1st August 2020 until 30th April 2021. View full conditions and enter on prior to 1 December 2020
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South Canterbury Saddlery Amateur Top Ten League 

The Amateur Top Ten League is held from 1 August 2020 until 30th April 2021. The competition is open to Category CN – C5 riders aged 21yrs and over as at 1 August 2020 (C5 riders have less than 15 Advanced or above points) Riders must be annual competitive members of the ESNZ. All participating horses must be ESNZ registered and have an annual start  for Dressage. View full conditions and enter on prior to 1 December 2020
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Equizee Pony & Young Rider Amateur Top Ten League

Pony & Young Riders who have earned less than 15pts points at Advanced (L6) or above, and are competing on horses or ponies up to Medium (L4) at 1/8/20 can compete in the Equizee League. All participating riders, ponies & horses must be fully ESNZ registered and horses and ponies must have an annual start for dressage. Scores from 1/8/20 until 30/4/21 will count towards the Equizee League. Preliminary horses & ponies must be competed by riders with less than 15 Elementary or above points at 1/8/20.  Novice by riders with less than 15 Medium or above points and Elementary and Medium and above by riders with less than 15 points at Advanced Medium and above as at 1/8/20.
The top 10 scores in graded competitions will count. In the event of a tie, the ave Top 10 score will win. There will be rosettes for the top placed horse and top placed pony in each area, plus national champions and reserves in all six divisions. View full conditions and enter on prior to 1 December 2020
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The Small Stars Top 10 League has been created to promote dressage competitions and breeding of smaller horses acknowledging their trainability ansd suitability for all riders.
For horses over 148 cm and not exceeding 163 cm. (Verified by RAS height certificate)
View full conditions and enter on prior to 1 December 2020
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Thoroughbreds in Equestrian Sport (TiES) proudly brought to you by the NZ Thoroughbred Racing. Find out how to be eligible to compete in the TiES National Competition 2019/2020 and what competitions and classes allow you to gain TiES points.