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We are pleased to introduce our Sport and Championship Sponsors and Supporters


100% New Zealand


Dunstan Nutrition Ltd is an exclusive l00% New Zealand owned and operated Company and Supports the New Zealand Arable Sector

Dunstan uses grains which are sourced from the New Zealand Arable Farming Sector. Our specialised Equine Manufacturing Plants enable us to produce feeds in various textures to suit the needs of all horses.

We select only the best ingredients for every carefully crafted formula, manufactured with pride at our dedicated horse feed plants. Lists of key ingredients and a full analysis for each individual feed is available on our website or give us a call for more information 0800 438 878.

         Visit Dunstan on their website and on Facebook



SYNCROFLEX has developed the most advanced and unique range of supplements to support the human body, plus our canine & equine friends. The products can be used during hard and demanding work and or simply to maintain and compliment a balanced diet to support optimum health.

Constant research of up-to-date clinical scientific studies and collaboration with international and national healthcare professionals from different sectors has enabled us to develop a range of supplements with a point of difference in:

  • Bioavailability( absorption )
  • Effectiveness( purest ingredients, human food and cosmetic grade are used only )
  • Sustainability( no shark cartilage )
  • Economy( no fillers or thickeners, nor inefficient ingredients like glucosamine or chondroitin sulphate )

All these attributes make our range of supplements absolutely unique, safe and economical for superb human health.  

SYNCROFLEX HA – HUMAN was specifically developed for an effective supplementation of the human body, to aid our ability to have an active and fulfilled lifestyle for longer.

For horse & dog owners in need of superior aid to help their equine athletes to perform and recover, Syncroflex products give them the ability to work with increased ease and joy.

To see the full range of products  visit  Syncroflex on Facebook and their website

Toft Endurance is owned and operated by Penny, Peter and Alexandra Toft. Located 45 minutes from Brisbane International Airport at Marburg, Queensland, Australia.

Team ‘te’ breed, grow, train, compete, and sell elite endurance horses worldwide.

The foundation of the extensive breeding program is Chip Chase Sadaqa and Sh’Taan – both with enormously successful progeny including multiple winners at the most elite level.

Follow  the success of the Toft Endurance horses on Facebook

2020 Dunstan Horsefeeds North Island Championships Sponsors