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Constitution Review

We’re reviewing ESNZ’s constitution.

Our constitution sets out the principles, objects and rules that guide how ESNZ works. This is an opportunity for you as a member to help shape the future of the organisation. We are interested in your views and so are providing as many ways as possible for you to have a say. The Constitution Discussion document and a consultation submission form are provided so that you can consider the issues and provide feedback.

UPDATE – 28/6/2019

Engagement with and feedback from discipline boards have been useful, as will further discussions with discipline boards at their upcoming AGMs. The discussions to date have helped gain a better understanding of the roles and accountabilities of various parts of the organisation which have changed over time.

The outcome of Constitution review discussions at the discipline AGMs will help determine where to from here with the review as well as the consultation process and timeframes. The deadline for feedback on the Constitution review has been extended until further notice.



Have your say by completing our online questionnaire.


Please email your feedback or questions to:


While we prefer online or email submissions, you can send your response by post to:

Constitution Review
Equestrian Sports NZ
PO Box 6146
Marion Square
Wellington, 6141

All written submissions, whether online, by email or in hard copy, need to be received by ESNZ by 30 June 2019.

If you are not using the submission form available online please make sure you include the following information in your submission:

  • Your name
  • If applicable, your position on an ESNZ discipline board, committee, club, NEC or ESNZ board
  • The name of your board, committee or club if you are submitting on their behalf, and whether your submission represents the whole board/committee/club
  • Your contact details (phone number, address, email)


In recognition of the importance of the Constitution Review, ESNZ Board members will meet with members at regional meetings of all disciplines combined in April and May 2019.

The dates, times and locations of these meetings will be advised early in 2019 via Discipline boards, Area groups, NEC committees, the ESNZ website and social media channels.



Download our easy to read flyer on the Constitution Project.


The current structure has many tiers.  For such a small organisation, can
we sustain this structure?

Does the current structure enable your view as a member to be adequately represented?

Do the structure and voting rights currently deliver good representation across the country and across all disciplines?


Voting by Area discipline groups may not fairly represent voting by individual members because the Area groups have remained largely unchanged in a geographic sense for over 50 years, yet the location of members has changed so that they are not evenly spread between Area groups.

Area group member numbers range from 57 in Taihape to 1,437 in Greater Auckland.  Plus, across the organisation there are at least 60 Area groups and 10 clubs.

For such a small organisation, can we sustain this structure?


The current ESNZ Constitution is available for information.