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#GameChangers is about encouraging people to tell us about acts of kindness or helpfulness by ESNZ members that made a difference to someone’s day.

How you can nominate a #GameChanger

#GameChangers is about encouraging people to tell us about acts of kindness or helpfulness by ESNZ members that made a difference to someone’s day.  So, please keep your eyes and ears open when you’re out and about and nominate someone you witness doing something kind, supportive, helpful for someone (or a horse) that demonstrates the sort of inclusive, supportive, safe and friendly culture we’re working towards with Change the Rein.  We will make sure people are aware of what great people we have in our sport.

If you want to nominate an ESNZ #GameChanger, this is what you do:

Please email to,nz the following information (#GameChangers in the subject line):

  • Person nominating the #GameChanger – your name, contact details (email & phone number)
  • Who is the ESNZ member being nominated as a #GameChanger (name, discipline, area group/club and role eg official, rider, volunteer, parent)
  • Photo of the #GameChanger person (not necessarily in the act, so to speak)
  • What was the #GameChanger behaviour witnessed and the outcome (this doesn’t need to be heroic – just a kind, considerate, helpful, supportive, inclusive, welcoming, friendly act)

2020-2021 #GameChangers

April 2020 #GameChanger

This story about Zoe Shore warmed our hearts.  Zoe, you’re an absolute star for cleaning out all the dirty yards left at the Glistening Waters Jumping and Show Hunter Series Finals so that the Show Committee didn’t have to do it.

April 2020 #GameChanger

When Iris Hutt’s horse was hurt at ESNZ Dressage’s national championships, it was Dressage ESNZ’s official Jos Gresham who stepped up.  “The way Jos handled the whole situation was 10 out of 10! 

Horse of the Year week 2021 #GameChanger

As Land Rover Horse of the Year week was supposed to be drawing to a close, we couldn’t pick just one #gamechanger of the day. Our second #gamechanger for Sunday is Jess Schumacher, who went the extra mile to look out for a four-legged friend!

Horse of the Year week 2021 #GameChanger

Our #GameChanger for Horse of the Year Sunday goes to Dale Allison!  Dale was nominated by our very own Change the Rein ambassador Kimberley Clearwater – after a rough day in the ring, Kimberley said Dale was the first to come up to her and give some motivational words.

Horse of the Year week 2021 #GameChanger

Meg always helps her friends warmup before going into the Dressage ring, and is always kind and helpful!

Horse of the Year week 2021 #GameChanger

Vicky is the MVP of paddock mates, always willing to help out with anything people in her grazing need help with!

Horse of the Year week 2021 #GameChanger

Charley is a show jumper who models the ultimate fair play and good sportsmanship that the sport often lacks.

Horse of the Year week 2021 #GameChanger

Ella Cooper-Levin was our first #gamechanger of the week! She is a #gamechanger because of her positive attitude and inclusivity at competitions.

March 2020 #GameChanger

Juliet Iremonger sent us this heart-warming story about #GameChanger Jill Pedersen who is a Taupō dressage rider.

March 2020 #GameChanger

Giorgia Hope, 12 years old, is another young equestrian doing great things for her sport. Her mum Stephanie Kennedy says that Giorgia goes “out of her way to encourage younger and beginner vaulters” at her vaulting club, SpiritRides.

February 2021 #GameChanger

Daniel Garland, another young equestrian showing us the way, did an “exceptional job – in fact the best gate person at any show we’ve been to!”

January 2021 #GameChanger

Kallista Field from Kallista Field Equestrian was nominated as a #GameChanger for being polite, responsive and supportive for coming onboard as a class sponsor for Dressage Waikato’s Oro Equestrian North Island Dressage Championships in February 2021.

December 2020 #GameChanger

Tina Collison is definitely a #GameChanger! Her friend Nicole Scully told us how Tina, who is an ESNZ member and from the Ōhāriu Valley Adult Riding Club, very kindly came out of her way to pick Nicole and her horse up for the riding club show jumping (they don’t have transport).

December 2020 #GameChanger

We love a group of #GameChangers! Tabitha Skegg wanted to make special mention of this group for going the extra mile at the recent Wairarapa A&P Show where she was secretary.

November 2020 #GameChanger

Six year Briar Herries, a member of the Gisborne Dressage Group, is a wonderful #GameChanger showing us all that you’re never too young to be a #GameChanger. 

October 2020 #GameChanger

Sally Linton from the Waikato Dressage Group is a perfect example of what we mean when we talk about a #GameChanger: someone who lives the values which our Change the Rein campaign is all about.

#GameChanger Nominations

Below are some of the fabulous #GameChanger nominations we have received by video.  Check out more awesome video clips on our YouTube Channel.

Florence Kershaw from Greytown sent us a video shouting out her riding pals from Wairarapa Pony Club! Thanks so much Florence for recognising the #GameChangers in your life and sharing how much you look up to them. We hope you like the tshirt! #changetherein #gamechangers

#GameChanger Meg Johnston! Meg was nominated by the lovely Lexie. Lexie says that Meg always helps her warmup before going into the Dressage ring, and is always kind and helpful!