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Tokyo Olympics 2020

About the Tokyo 2020 Games

About the Tokyo 2020 Games

Through flawless preparation and execution, the Tokyo 2020 Games aim to deliver an event where every athlete can realise their best performance and achieve their personal best.

The world’s best technologies will be adopted in developing competition venues and in operating the Games.

All Japanese citizens, including Olympic and Paralympic volunteers, will employ their utmost resourcefulness as hosts to welcome visitors from around the world with the best Japanese omotenashi, or hospitality.

Equestrian comprises three disciplines: Dressage, Eventing and Jumping. This is the only Olympic sport that involves animals, and also men and women competing on equal terms.

Equestrian became an Olympic sport at the Paris 1900 Games. It then disappeared until Stockholm 1912 but has been included in the programme ever since. Individual and team medals are awarded in each of the three Equestrian disciplines.

Success demands complete harmony and trust between human and animal, with the rider communicating through their hands on the reins, legs and shifts in body weight to encourage the horse to respond. Indeed, the qualities of the horse are tested to the same extent as those of the athlete.

Selection and Performance Criteria

Selection and Performance Criteria applies to all athletes wishing to be considered for selection to the NZ Olympic (NZOC) Team for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

ESNZ is committed to nominating athletes to the NZOC that are capable of achieving a top 16 placing at the Games in a Dressage Event  with the potential to win an Olympic Diploma (top 8 placing). 

Each discipline/Athlete needs to achieve FEI Qualification to be able to compete at the Olympic Games, click the relevant link below to read more.



Dressage – Nomination Criteria – Updated 9th July 2020

Eventing – Nomination Criteria – Updated 18th May 2021

Jumping – Nomination Criteria – Updated 15th April 2021


Dressage – FEI Qualification System – Updated 20th May 2020

Eventing – FEI Qualification System – Updated 20th May 2020

Jumping – FEI Qualification System – Updated 20th May 2020




Paralympics Nomination Criteria – Updated 21st August 2020

FEI Qualification System – Updated May 2020